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Baba hut, Dandeshwar

A monkey has been prowling the property. He sits in the tree directly beside me. Too close for comfort. If he decided to launch a raid on my lunch, he would be on me in 30 seconds and the precious pastries I hauled 30ks back from town would be gone.
When he arrived, I reacted in typical baba style. Running, shouting, pretending to throw something. He blinked and bobbed his head at me and YAWNED. Then refused to budge.
It was if he was saying, “O Really? Do you know how BORING that gets?” and challenging me go find a different response.
I knew the answer immediately but tried to ignore it as I munched down on my first pastry, one eye on the monkey on the branch. He is chewing on a mango seed, I wonder what nutrition he garners from that as he shucks the seed to the ground and scratches himself.
So I put down my precious pastry, take the second one out of the newspaper bag and hand it to him.
I raise my mug of tea in a salute to Hanuman ji.
We eat our lunch in companiable silence.